Son témoignage sur sa conversion à l’Islam :

(CNN) — It was in the cave of Hira that the prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of the Quran. For rugby’s original wild child Sonny Bill Williams, meeting a Tunisian family who lived with their five children in a one-bedroom flat in the south of France proved pivotal to his conversion to Islam.

« I was real close with them, and I saw how happy and content they were. And to see how they lived their lives, it was just simple. »

« One thing I’ve learned over my career is that simplicity is the key. On the field, off as well. »

« I’ve become a true Muslim, » added Williams. « It’s giving me happiness. It’s made me become content as a man, and helped me to grow. I’ve just got faith in it and it has definitely helped me become the man I am today. »